Looking out my Window

It isn’t very warm out here this morning (2C), but when the sun shines it doesn’t feel too bad. I have my window wide open and leaned out to take a few photos this morning.

I took my camera to the window this morning because I heard Canada Geese and saw 2 of them that were heading directly towards me. Unfortunately they passed right over before I could get my camera, but I was hoping to see more. I didn’t see any more geese though.

I live in Manitoba, Canada and at this time – Manitoba has been one of the provinces that has not been hit too badly with Covid-19 compared to several of the other provinces. North Dakota, which is just south of us in the USA has had more than twice the number of cases. We are still staying home most of the time and for me, trips to the grocery stores have been my only outings. At this time, I really miss having my own house and private yard.

My sourdough baking included a very yummy bacon & mushroom pizza yesterday.

When this is over – and it WILL end, I hope we do not return to normal and that we take care of our earth. The air is already cleaner, with not much traffic.

Please take care and stay safe.

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