Now I’ve Got It

It is amazing the difference that fresh flour can make to a loaf of bread. I might see if I can find some brown or whole wheat flour to mix up my own mixture again. I did like the combination of the 2 and starting over with a new mixture should be good.

I used the new white flour for the waffles the other day and they were delicious made with the sour dough starter. Today it was time for a new loaf of bread. I started it last night by mixing up the sour dough proof and this morning I noticed how much more the proof had risen this time.

I mixed the rest of the ingredients in and got it into the loaf pan to rise for about 4 hours. Then it was put in the oven to bake. It was almost ready when I started making my lunch and I knew I was going to have a slice of fresh bread with my meal.

Pasta and Shrimp with a nice slice of fresh bread.

Even though this bread was made with white flour – it has so much more flavour due to the sour dough starter.

I have never been much of a baker or cook, but every once in awhile I have had a spurt of desire to make my own foods. Last time was obviously several years ago, which is why my flour was too old to do a good job.

I may even go back into some of my old baking posts here and try some of those experiments again. Now that I’ve started and obviously have a lot of time on my hands with this Covid-19, who knows what I might do.

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