Views on a Sunny Day – part 1

I spent the first 71 years of my life living in Winnipeg, Manitoba and the last 7 months in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Winters are completely different in these 2 provinces. In Manitoba, winter lasts for about 6 months. Many of the days have bright sunlight, but on the bright sunny days, the temperatures often plunge down to -30C and lower. When it isn’t sunny, it often snows. In this part of B.C. the temperatures get below 0C – but not by much. I believe -8C was the lowest it got in Chilliwack and the amount of snowfall was less than one inch although the 3 times it snowed might have brought up the total to one inch, and it always disappeared within a day or 2. The one thing is that we don’t get a lot of sunlight and we do get quite a bit of rain. I miss the sun, but I love looking out my window to see green grass in February.

Yesterday was a day when the sun came out, so I grabbed my camera and headed over to Chem Lake Wetlands for a walk. There are 3 trails there and I walked all 3 of them. It was a gorgeous day!

The first trail was a circle trail that starts and ends on the left side of the water – actually, winding in between a few other ponds along the way. The first birds I heard were Red-winged Blackbirds. They were all perched and singing for the females – although I didn’t see any of the females. I guess they were practicing for when the girls made it there.

Back quite a bit further, I saw a large bird landing on top of a tree. I thought it must be an Eagle, so I zoomed over there and saw that it was a Bald Eagle. My first photo was not zoomed in all the way (luckily). Then I zoomed in closer to get a better photo of him. I did not see the 2nd Eagle on a lower branch until I returned home and uploaded the photos to my PC. This must be one of last years young ones.

Thinking there was only one in the tree, I zoomed in closer on the one that I had seen landing near the top of the tree.

I continued walking and found a few Canada Geese swimming in a pond beside the trail.

The trail was in great shape on this day and I didn’t have to wade through snow or water or even a muddy trail.

I met a few people coming off the trail when I was going in, but otherwise, I had the whole trail to myself.

What a beautiful morning!
A pair of Mallard Ducks
Even though I can see mountains right from my apartment, I never get tired of the beauty!

Oh and the tree in about the centre of the above photo appears to have an eagle nest near the top. Although I did not realize it at the time, there may also be an eagle a couple of branches below the nest. Unfortunately, since I was aiming at the mountains, the nest & tree are not focused enough to say for sure. I have zoomed in on it a bit for a little better view (even though not focused).

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  1. Enjoyed the photos and hearing about your walk. You have some interesting birds. It won’t be long before our Canadian Geese will come back, after their migration from wherever they may go.


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