A New Mountain Trail to Walk

It was mostly cloudy this morning but the sun was trying to show itself when I headed out to see if I could find a new trail that had just opened up. I don’t know what the name of the mountain is (or if it even has a name), but it had been in the community paper a week or so ago and I knew it was on Yale Road east of Chilliwack.

This is a different trail as much of it is stairs that were created to level out the climb. It was still a pretty steep climb, but there were a couple of view points to stop at on the way up. I took the first stairs a little faster than I should have and had to rest at the first stop to catch my breath again. After that I walked slower and was fine. Some spots are not as steep as the steps were, so it continued up on a gravel path before starting on more stairs.

Here we are at the start of the trail.

As you climb the stairs, you notice little square labels on some. They are noting the numbers climbed and every 25 stairs gets a tag. I think I have a photo of one of them taken a bit higher up.

View from the first stop.

After catching my breath at the first viewing spot, I continued up and took a photo looking back at the view there. Then up we go.

Once we were up at or near the top, the path was gravel and easy to walk.

Around one more turn and what is this I see

Aaawww – its a dog and he is barking at me. The trail seemed to be going down at this point, so I snapped a photo (not a great photo) and retraced my steps. I just thought the first photo looked like a cat.

I wasn’t sure where the trail went from here or if I just returned to the start. There were some mud paths, but those appeared to be bike trails.

Earlier on I had stopped and talked to a lady and her 2 children who were having a snack at the outlook and as I turned back, they were just coming up. I went with them (using the bike trails) up to an outlook that was fenced off and afterwards turned back to retrace our steps. The bike trail part of the path was wet & muddy (which the girls enjoyed) but the rest of it was very good for walking.

We were now up in the clouds

The girls weren’t sure why I wanted a photo of their backs.

Time to start heading back down.

Two more shots from the lower viewpoint and that ended the walk.

6 thoughts on “A New Mountain Trail to Walk

  1. Steps! How I miss steps! My defibrillator doesn’t approve, though, and I have to be careful to do a lot, a LOT, of the things I can get away with to keep my step count up, my heart reate even-ish. Try to pace myself, but as you noted in the first set of steps, the enthusiasm of a new adventure can override the common sense! The doctors get really mad at me … until I ask them if they are telling me flat out that I can’t do this stuff, and they get nervous abut facing a direct question, calling for a direct answer! And I’m off again!

    Beats falling apart sitting home!

    Glad you enjoyed the new trail! Cute dog amd kids!

    Now. did the trail loop around, descend to your starting point? I always marvel at the seeming ease with which Ryan detours or backtracks in search of water or because of unforeseen trail issues, never seems fazed by the added miles! That, and he can grow a pretty decent beard!

    He says he’s planning another hike, on a new continent! I wonder where? And, as importantly, how long before he can share the details?

    Stay well, stay safe! Cheers, Stumblebum

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    1. Thanks Stumblebum. Yes – we try to stay healthy by walking, but can even overdo that sometimes. The trail didn’t really loop around – but I could have continued and gone down the other side of the mountain. That would mean walking back to the car on a service road. Luckily the lady with the children was very helpful as I probably would have gone the wrong way after reaching the service road. I have NO sense of direction.

      I wonder if Ryan is going to do the walk that David Attenborough just posted on Facebook. It will take years to walk that one – 13,911 miles – Cape Town, Sough Africa to Magadan, Russia. It passes through 17 countries.


      1. Dear Mavis,

        Ryan said it was going to be a shorter walk, but anything shorter than the CDT could still be pretty long!

        Which reminds me that I need to get him a check before I forget again! Cheers, Stumblebum

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  2. This is beautiful. I don’t know if I could do all the stairs. But I would sure try! The tail photo was fun. I did think it was a cat. Hugs, Foxy Grandma


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