Spring at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve

The Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve seemed like a great place to go for a walk yesterday.

The ice is mostly gone, but on some of the little ponds where there is no moving water, there is still a layer of ice. I didn’t test to see how thin the ice was.

Dark-eyed Junco (above & below). They are such sweet little birds.
I saw several Canada Geese flying overhead, but only one in the water.

Mallard Ducks and I finally got my ducks in a row.

This gorgeous Bald Eagle was perched a long way up on top of a dead tree. The pair lost their nest last fall and I was walking around looking up to try to find where they are building a new one. I didn’t find it, but I did find this one perched in a spot where I’ve seen him (or her) before.

Pair of Mallard Ducks but when I looked at the photo at home, I saw the Wood Duck just behind them.
It is a cloudy day, but the views are always beautiful.
A gorgeous Great Blue Heron (above & below) silently waiting for a fish to swim by.

Three American Coots
A pair of Common Mergansers

3 thoughts on “Spring at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve

  1. Dear Mavis,

    When I think of American Coots, as in the expression old coots, I think of cranky old guys! But I guess now I am the cranky old guy! Not an expression up your way?

    We now have two red tail talks in the neighborhood! The smaller birds are keeping their heads down, but the crows are irate!

    Working to finish the CDT with a little over 100 miles to go. A very chilly couple of days here, but with temperatures set to jump about 40° f tomorrow and Monday! I do not like to think what the weather patterns are going to be like here this summer, if the temperatures run from 10° over to 30° under. I know: it still isn’t winnipeg!

    Hope all are staying well up your way! Cheers, Stumblebum

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    1. All is good here Stumblebum & hope you are doing well yourself. Yes, I know some old coots, but at my age, there may be some who call me that – LOL.
      Years ago, we would never see hawks or eagles in the cities, but they have realized that many of their favourite meals can be easy to catch at bird feeders or in the many rivers that flow through here. The most common birds in my area are Crows & Gulls and they are very noisy neighbours. I have seen Bald Eagles circling overhead a few times also. They are so high up when circling that their eyesight must be amazing – they are obviously hunting. I would really love to see one dive down.

      I’ve got about 170 miles left on my coastal Portugal walk and plan on walking the inland walk back to the original start.


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