Views on a Sunny Day – part 2

After returning to the parking lot area, I decided to walk to the trail that goes over the water and gives views from the bridges and the overlook area.

This a view from the first bridge.
Canada Geese coming in for a water landing

Canada Geese

There were 3 Otters playing in the water.
One of them made a loud splash and I wasn’t even sure if they were Beavers or Otters – but they are Otters.
I am so glad I have a lot of zoom on my camera. It was fun watching them play.
I know there are both Beavers & Otters in the wetlands here – maybe I’ll find a Beaver next time.
More Canada Geese
Beauty wherever I look here. Now we are looking back at the overlook by the parking lot.
Just another gorgeous view

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