Views on a Sunny Day – part 3

The last trail for the day was along the stream that leaves the wetlands. The water is pumped out of the wetlands under the path where it flows on. I don’t know where the stream goes as the trail ends, but the stream keeps going.

It looks like some Beavers have been busy.

Lots of evidence showing the busy Beavers work.

Coming up to the bridge and then we’ll be following the creek from that side
A little bit of rapids ahead.
One of the mountains through the trees.

Last time I went on this trail, I walked on the lower level going in and then climbed up to walk back on the higher level. I don’t know if they have the 2 levels in case the creek floods so that we can continue to use the higher level and keep our feet dry. Or – there may be another reason. Anyway, this time I decided to take the high level first because the trail going up while going in is not as steep as it was at the other end. The only problem is that you can’t see much of the water from the higher level.

At this point, I am coming down from the high level where I will turn and walk back beside the creek since the trail ends. Now I can take more photos.
I came down on the right and just followed the lower trail. Even I can’t get lost here – LOL
It wouldn’t take too much more water to get the lower path a bit damp by the looks of it.
I love the variety of growth on the hillsides.
Getting back to the bridge and the little bit of rapids that was flowing by there.
Stream is flowing slower here and gives great reflections in the water.
Lots of seeds ready to blow in the wind
One last photo taken from the overlook before heading back to my car.