Adventures at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve

According to the signs at the Reserve, the trail walking on the side of the lake where the Herons nest will be closed beginning March. Otherwise the number of people walking by the nests would disturb the Herons. I’ll still be able to zoom in on the nests from the other side of the lake, but I would have to use full zoom.

This trip I did not get to see any Herons, but I’ll be back and will hopefully get to watch and photograph some of them before they go into full breeding mode.

Before heading out, I had to take a photo out my window with the colours of the sunrise around the mountains.

Pair of Mallard Ducks pretending to sleep (but both have their eyes open)
A Coot with something tasty that was found under the water. At first I was worried that it was a fishing line, but was advised that it looked like a natural food for him (or her).
Bufflehead Duck
Bald Eagle
Common Merganser
Out of the reserve and along the Vedder Trail
Belted Kingfisher

I am soon going to resume my walk (in bits & pieces) in order to complete the entire Vedder Trail. I actually thought I was doing that on this walk until I realized I had gone in the wrong direction. I was sure I was going the right direction until I got to the Vedder River part of the trail without crossing the river to do the other side. So I returned back to the Heron Reserve and will try it again soon.

I know the bridge to cross the river isn’t too far away and I am thinking of parking my car near the bridge so I can walk from it back to the Heron Reserve. Once I cross the river, it will all be new trail for me.

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