Continuing on the Vedder Rotary Trail – part 1

Today’s plan was to reach the bridge on the trail and cross the river to the other side. Next time I will park at the bridge and continue. I believe that this will be the 1/2 way mark – but I could be wrong – LOL

I am starting in the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve and have a little to walk to where I left off last time.

A Sparrow of some kind
American Robin
Downy Woodpecker
I made it to the mountain of mud that stopped me last time.
Last time I was here, I had no idea which way to go because I did not have a map with me – but since then I realized (incorrectly) that the bridge was probably the Keith Wilson Bridge and it is only 1.9 km away.

I always have time to stop & admire the beautiful mountains.

This part of the trail is on a road, but I saw a path leading off and thought I might be able to walk along the water. Unfortunately no trails there – just a pile of trash left by someone.
A little break in the bush gave me another view.
Back on the road. This road isn’t used much. I only saw one vehicle and there were a few other people walking.
We’re getting close to the bridge now.
Interesting – I had never heard about this before. I didn’t get any shocks though.
That is a LOT of wires
Made it to the bridge and this is where I will park my car when I continue next time.
We have to go under the bridge to cross the river. The sidewalk is only on the right hand side. Crossing back, the sidewalk will be on the left hand side. 🙂
View from the sidewalk on the bridge.

This will be continued tomorrow.