A Day in the Life (and some background)

Late last year, my mother(96 years) was living in her own apartment and looking after herself with a little help from home care workers who visited for a few minutes a couple of times each day.

She wasn’t feeling good and went to the hospital, where they determined that she had a bladder infection. After treating the bladder infection, they had problems getting her up to walk and since hospital beds are needed for people with medical problems, she was sent over to another hospital, which has a mixture of people – some waiting for personal care and some just needing a bit more help to get home.

They did get her doing some walking, but determined after awhile that she really wasn’t able to look after herself and recommended that she get on a list for a personal care home.

She has a very close friend who lives in a personal care home, so that was the one she picked – but once they are on this list, they have to take the first one offered for an interim home. The one she ended up in was not in a great neighbourhood, but the care was good and we knew they would let us know when her choice had a spot for her.

That day came yesterday!

I went about a 1/2 hour before Mom was expected to arrive in a wheelchair van so I could sign papers. The doors are locked and there is a buzzer to press. I was met outside the door. My temperature was taken, I answered questions about my health, I put on a mask and we went inside, where we went over some paperwork.

We hadn’t finished the paperwork when Mom arrived and I went out to greet her. This was the first time I’ve seen her since the COVID-19 shutdown began. She was in very good spirits since she knew she would be able to spend time with her good friend Kathleen. I was afraid she would be in quarantine for 2 weeks, but they said just the one day and tomorrow she would be able to visit with Kathleen.

We went up to her room and I put her things away for her. Her clothing had been taken directly to the laundry and to have them labeled with her name and room.

Off topic, but I went to use my phone a few times, but my phone (which uses face recognition) did not recognize me with the face-mask on so I had to enter my PIN number every time. I ended up wearing that mask for 4 hours and I was thrilled to finally remove it and put it in the garbage when I left.

I stayed with Mom while she had lunch and had been told to drop by the office when I was leaving to finish the paperwork. I didn’t realize this was a whole new set of papers that I was supposed to take home and either sign myself or get my brother to sign. There were so many papers, I couldn’t even think straight though (maybe wearing the mask for hours had something to do with that). When I left, I headed over to Al’s place to hand the paperwork off to him. He did pretty much all the paperwork for the other places, so is much more familiar with it than I am, and luckily he didn’t seem to mind.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

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