More Fun with Macy & Teddy

So far this is the only photo with both of them together (sort of). They are both adorable, but I haven’t seen them play together or lie down together. I have had them lie down beside me – with one on each side of me and their heads on my lap. I didn’t have the phone in my hand though, so couldn’t get a photo.

More photos of these adorable little dogs.

As you can see from the photos, Teddy is not wearing his cone now. By wearing this little t-shirt, he doesn’t try to get at the stitches and is much happier. This might not work with every dog, but it sure does with Teddy.

About an hour after they have breakfast, the 3 of us normally head out for a morning walk. We didn’t go yesterday because the weather was nasty, but this morning we did head out. It turned out to be a shorter walk than usual – mainly because I hadn’t brought my winter jacket and mitts with me. The temperature had taken a sudden and nasty drop and I thought I was going to get frostbite on my hands. I hadn’t brought my gloves – but have now returned to my apartment to get them for our next walk. They do have a yard where they go out, in between walks and they weren’t interested in staying outside very long.

Spring is (kind of) here, but winter is fighting to stay. Typical March weather.