It’s Time for Macy and Teddy

Little Teddy had just been to see the vet and received some stitches, so he will be wearing this cone for a few days.

I took the above photos about 24 hours before I actually started pet sitting with these 2 cuties. I had so much stuff written in my calendar that I thought I was starting on Monday – but I was actually starting on Tuesday (today). I arrived yesterday morning at the time I said I would be starting. Their Mom (Judy) was leaving very early that day (I thought).

So – I got there, used the key to go inside and was greeted by 2 excited dogs. I petted and played with them and then put my stuff away in the bedroom. Then I sat down and played with them some more.

About a 1/2 hour later, the door opened and Judy walked in. She saw my car, so she knew I was here, but I was shocked to see her. I thought she had missed her flight – which I couldn’t understand because I knew she was heading to the airport with plenty of time.

We had a bit of a laugh together and then I headed for home. It is now Tuesday and Judy is well on her way – and I’m back with the dogs. 🙂

Winter is still hanging in here – but spring is starting to show it’s melting powers. When the dogs went outside a little while ago, I shoveled the top of the snow off the sidewalk which should help more to melt. By the time Judy returns, it really will be spring and hopefully the snow is completely gone.

I took a few more photos today, but I don’t have my any photo programs on this laptop to re-size and crop photos. So, next time I head for home for a few minutes, I might upload my photos to my pc and either add to this post or quickly write the next post. Stay tuned 😉

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