Prince of Whales Boat Tour

About 3 or 4 years ago, my daughter and I were booked on a Whale watching tour, but due to weather conditions and the need for me to get back home before snow fell in the mountains, we had to cancel. It had already been cancelled once by the company due to the weather.

Now I live here and we booked with a different company who has their boats starting out on Granville Island. Yesterday was the day and it was a beautiful day! The temperature was in the low 20’s and the wind was light (although on a moving boat, the wind is very windy – LOL)

I have several photos to post, so won’t bore you with too much written details. All the whales were Humpback Whales.

A couple of views from the harbour.

A strange looking child eating a huge ice cream cone and my beautiful daughter with a whale in front of the boat we would be taking for the tour.

A Pirate ship with a closeup of the flag.

Beautiful scenery along the way and suddenly we have a Whale in front of us. There were actually 3 of them in this area and between them, there was always one coming up to say hi.

I didn’t realize until we were almost finished that they can be ID’d by the markings on the tails or I would have paid more attention to the tails.

Now – your job is to study these photos and put a name to the whales. 😉

Cormorants, Gulls & Harbour Seals

Harbour Seals & Cormorants

Gulls and more Harbour Seals

I highly recommend the Price of Whales tours. They guarantee that you will see whales or you can go on another cruise t no cost. I don’t know if they guarantee how good the viewing is but they did go out of their way to make sure we saw the seals, birds and more whales on the way back. We were out for the entire 5 hours and enjoyed it thoroughly. They are also going to send everyone who was on the tour a link to the photos that they took with their cameras on our tour. I am quite sure their photos will be amazing and might show more of the tails so we can ID them.

2 thoughts on “Prince of Whales Boat Tour

  1. wow…so do they tag every single humpback whale??? That must be quite the job. I was recently on a cruise to Alaska, and glimpsed a few humpbacks, but not enough of a view to see if they were tagged too.


  2. No, they don’t tag them – they take photos of the marks & scratches on them (particularly on the tails). I know they updated one of the whales info that day because it had some newer scratches since the last time it was seen.


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