Oak Hammock Marsh in the Snow

It has been several months since I’ve been to Oak Hammock Marsh. Yesterday I received an e-mail from them asking if I wished to renew my membership. The membership had expired a couple of years ago as during the pandemic the building had been closed. No membership is needed to walk the trails around the marsh. I certainly don’t need a one year membership, since I will be leaving Manitoba in a few months, but I felt renewing it might help the facility.

The morning started off beautifully with hoarfrost everywhere.

As usual, you can view the photos in a larger size if you click on one and then scroll through the others in that group.

The one part of this place that I missed was the floating boardwalk and outlook that is directly behind the building and is included with the membership – so that is where I started off.

Then I walked over to the trails.

As before, I often ended up with snow up to my knees. I didn’t really walk very far – but with the extra work involved with breaking through the snow, I did get a good workout. So, I walked back to the building and went upstairs to the cafeteria to get a cup of coffee. Then, I walked further upstairs to the lookout and took a few more photos.

Before leaving I took some photos of some of the merchandise for sale. They have some very cute items.

Because it was such a bright sunny day, I had trouble seeing the photos I was taking, so I was pleased to see that most had turned out fine once I uploaded them to my pc.

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    1. Thanks Marsha. I’m moving to B.C. in August. My daughter has been in B.C. for several years now and I’m looking forward to warmer winters.


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