Bunn’s Creek in the Early Autumn

Yesterday morning I decided it was time to go back to Bunn’s Creek for my walk. It has been about a month since I’ve been there.

My first sighting was a beautiful Belted Kindfisher. He was on the opposite side of the creek and he tested my camera’s zoom ability. Amazingly enough, I got a few decent photos of him.

Then as I wandered, I took a few photos, showing the start of fall colours and the beautiful scenery.

Then I crossed the last road and walked the short distance to the Red River for a few more photos.

Above, I showed a photo of a dead tree. I am happy to say that the woods along the path are being kept natural – dead trees stay where they land – unless they land onto the path, which is kept clear. The trail is quite busy and all the people are very friendly. A lot of people are walking dogs, and I always talk to the dog (and the person). I pet as many dogs as I can.

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