Adventures in Pet/House Sitting

From last Friday to today (Monday) I was spending time with some of my buddies. My newest buddy is Dublyn a 5 month old Golden Retriever puppy. My other buddies at this home may be familiar to you – Leo (Golden Retriever) along with Timmy and Harry (cats). Most of my photos today are these… Continue reading Adventures in Pet/House Sitting

More Branches

On Saturday, I took my ladder to the Plum Tree and started cutting some dead branches that I could not reach from the ground or with the step ladder.  I managed to get a nice pile of dead branches, but I still wanted to get one live branch that was right in the hydro wires… Continue reading More Branches

European Vacation – Paris to Lintgen

We decided in the morning that we would splurge on one more meal at our motel before leaving France, so Alvena and I went down for breakfast.  Karen didn’t go with us and I’m not sure why, but we feasted on anything any everything we wanted at a huge breakfast buffet. We then headed into… Continue reading European Vacation – Paris to Lintgen