A Beautiful Morning in Birds Hill Provincial Park – part 2

After finishing the Prairie Winds trail, I got back in the car and continued my drive through the park. Next stop was a short one at a little overlook. I walked over to it from the parking lot, took one photo and wandered around a bit before getting back in the car.

I hadn’t gone far when I saw 3 White-tailed Deer on the side of the road. I stopped a good distance away in the hopes they didn’t race away and managed a few decent shots using lots of zoom.

Next stop was the Chickadee Trail. This is a ski trail and they ask that you don’t walk (during skiing season anyway. It is obviously not skiing season yet, but looking at the trail guide, I decided there were too many options – so I just hung around the bird feeders trying to get some photos, before moving on again.

To explain my problem with too many options on the trail, I have noticed on each trail I have been on that the trails branch out without any signs indicating where the different branches go and/or if they meet up again. These are generally not shown on the map at the entrance to the trail. Since I walk alone and I have no sense of direction, I would hate to get lost and wander in circles for hours.

So, I returned to my car and continued on my way – to the next trail. 🙂