A Beautiful Morning in Birds Hill Provincial Park – part 3

Time to move onto my last trail of the morning. This is Cedar Bog, self-guiding trail. I have walked this trail before. The first time I didn’t look at the map at the start and when I came to a part where the trail divided, I turned around and went back. The second time (after looking at the map), I decided to take the short-cut and go left at the divide and then follow it back. This time I had decided that I would do the full walk – 3.5 km.

Just around the corner from the last photo, I saw a man walking a dog – coming my way. A lot of people walk their dogs here, but this man seemed to be a little older than most. We stopped and chatted for about 10 minutes or more. The man’s name is Nick and he is 93 years old. He was walking his dog Cora through the trails without any walking aid whatsoever – not even a cane.

Nick told me about his career – he had been a chef in some of the upscale restaurants in the city and he had also been in chef competitions in different countries around the world. I loved listening to him talk, but I was sure he should get back to his car where he could sit down and rest. He hadn’t walked the whole trail – he said that was too much for him – but for 93 years of age, it is amazing how well and how much he could still walk.

I had a great day – but meeting Nick & Cora was the highlight!

I continued the walk after saying good-bye to them and took more photos (of course). 🙂

Then – up ahead on the trail, I saw something sitting and looking towards me. I quickly put the camera up, just as he scampered away. I managed 3 photos of this adorable Pine Marten.

A couple of years ago, I saw a friendly and inquisitive Pine Marten at Riding Mountain National Park – but this is the first one for me at Birds Hill Park.

A few more trail photos to finish the walk.

We are supposed to have a few more days of above normal temperatures, but it isn’t looking good for today so far.