A Beautiful Morning in Birds Hill Provincial Park – part 1

I had nothing on my calendar to do today, so I decided to head to Birds Hill Provincial Park early this morning. It was actually still dark when I left so I took a photo of the moon on my way to the car.

First thing I noticed was that my drive to Birds Hill takes a bit longer now that I live way out in the west end of the city. I guess that balances with the fact that my drive to Riding Mountain is 20 minutes shorter, but it felt like the drive to Birds Hill was longer than just 20 minutes extra.

Anyway, I stopped at the first trail I saw – Prairie Winds. I’m sure this used to be called White-tailed Deer Trail. I took photos of some Deer here a few years ago.

This trail was quite short – I think it was only 1.5 km, so it didn’t take long and I headed over to find another one. When I got home I found a post from this location when it WAS called White-tailed Deer trail. I know I didn’t walk it that time, but only stopped because I saw the deer standing at the entrance. You can find that post at


but it looks like you will have to copy and paste to see it. WordPress used to give us an easy way to put links in here. Anyway, I managed some good photos and especially one with a young Deer looking at the sign.

2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Morning in Birds Hill Provincial Park – part 1

    1. Thanks Hazel – we have a few more nice days in the forecast before we go back to winter status – but I’m really enjoying the nice days.


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