An hour in the English Gardens

On a Facebook page for Manitoba Birds, I have seen so many people getting amazing photos of the beautiful little Hummingbirds that come here for the summers. I haven’t had any luck over the years, at getting decent photos of these adorable and very quick little birds.

Many years ago, my Dad took a lot of beautiful photos of these (and other) birds out at the cottage. This was done on an old 35mm camera that used film and obviously took time before he got to see and show off his photos.

Back to the present time and I am determined that I will finally get some photos too, and I headed to the English Gardens at Assiniboine Park to see what I could do. I know Hummingbirds are very common there – but they are also very fast, and I have failed at getting anything decent on more than one occasion.

The Boy with the Boot at the entrance to the gardens.

The gardens are beautiful this time of year when everything is in full bloom – but I was looking for hummingbirds. I finally found about 3 of them that didn’t pay any attention to me as I snapped a few photos worth keeping. 🙂

I was the only one watching and taking photos of this one.

The above one flew away and then I turned around and there were two different ones zipping around in another area close by.

I managed to get the 2 of them in one photo – but it was a complete blur, so I won’t bother you with that one. They paid no attention to me or to the other 7 or 8 people who were snapping photos of them as they dashed from flower to flower.

These are all females and/or young Ruby-throated Hummingbirds.

This garden area is a bird and butterfly magnet. There are a lot of different ones that can be found here. Before leaving, I stopped to photograph a lot of Painted Lady Butterflies on a Russian Sage plant. I have never seen so many butterflies together like this before.

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