An hour in the English Gardens

On a Facebook page for Manitoba Birds, I have seen so many people getting amazing photos of the beautiful little Hummingbirds that come here for the summers. I haven’t had any luck over the years, at getting decent photos of these adorable and very quick little birds. Many years ago, my Dad took a lot… Continue reading An hour in the English Gardens

July 6 and 7 – Riding Mountain National Park

I had been back home for almost a month and found that I was missing seeing critters and being in nature.  I could tell from the posts on the Riding Mountain National Park Facebook page that there were plenty of baby critters being seen there and decided I should see some Canadian critters and hopefully… Continue reading July 6 and 7 – Riding Mountain National Park

Assiniboine Park Zoo – July

Yesterday I went to the Assiniboine Park Zoo, to put on some miles on my FitBit and to check up on the critters.  I didn’t take a lot of pictures and most of the ones I did take were different than my usual ones – except that I got one of a Polar Bear playing… Continue reading Assiniboine Park Zoo – July

Walking at the Zoo

At least once every weekend, I try to get to one of my walking places. Yesterday the Zoo was the attraction because the new baby Snow Leopards are now out on display and I wanted to see them.

Electric Blue Butterfly

The Butterfly Garden at the Assiniboine Park Zoo now has a wonderful selection of butterflies.  The one I really loved was the Electric Blue Butterfly and it is absolutely gorgeous.  This shade of blue just happens to be my favourite colour.  🙂 Last year they just had Monarchs and Painted Lady butterflies and as promised,… Continue reading Electric Blue Butterfly

Zoo Review

Yesterday was my day at the Assiniboine Park Zoo 🙂  I also took in the  Nature Playground while there. Its a good thing I have zoo pictures because there wasn’t anything to see for our walk along the Red River this morning.  I did see some ducks, but they were busy foraging in the bushes… Continue reading Zoo Review


I love days like this.  It is very pleasant walking in the morning with a temperature of 16C (which also lets the house cool down overnight) and then it is going up to 25C by the afternoon (not too hot like last week).  We may get some rain today, but they are just talking about… Continue reading Stuff