Walking Around Assiniboine Park

I am so sad that the Assiniboine Park Zoo is still closed, but happy that the rest of the park is open and the trails are kept in good condition. I parked at the East Gate and headed into the park this morning. It is amazing to have temperatures so close to 0C in December… Continue reading Walking Around Assiniboine Park

Chester and Freddy

Don’t worry – Chester didn’t eat Freddy, the Betta fish or anything like that.  Actually, he hasn’t even seemed to notice him.  It is just that I took pictures of both of them.  I am sure there is a technique to getting good pictures of fish, but I haven’t developed it yet, so the Freddy… Continue reading Chester and Freddy


Red was my first Irish Setter.  He arrived in my life at 4 months of age along with his brother Rusty, shortly after I married the first Bob.  The boys were born August 23rd, 1975 and Red was with me until just after Christmas in 1990.  He was by my side through 2 marriages and… Continue reading Red