Assiniboine Park

A few days ago, I decided to head to Assiniboine Park and specifically to the English Garden/Leo Mol Sculpture Garden in the hope of finding Hummingbirds and/or Indigo Buntings. I did manage a few photos, but did not see any Hummingbirds or Buntings. A couple of days earlier I had seen the elusive Indigo Bunting while in the Zoo, but he didn’t come close enough to get a photo with my phone.

There are a lot more sculptures than what I took photos of, but as usual, I covered many of the critter sculptures. A lot of the sculptures are of naked women and quite a few head sculptures and they are amazing – but I just find critters more to my liking.

Since I was in the area and had my camera with me, I decided I might as well wander over the the zoo. 🙂 Obviously I am at the zoo often, but I can only take pictures with my phone while volunteering. See tomorrow’s blog for the zoo photos.

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