Looking for Hummingbirds

I haven’t been to the English Gardens looking for Hummingbirds for awhile – and the last time I went to the Gardens was a chilly morning, so they weren’t active yet. Today, I went in the afternoon when it was nice & warm.

Unfortunately, they were too fast this time – LOL – but I managed a few photos where you can tell that it is a Hummingbird. Of course, I will show a few where the flower or leaves are more in focus than the bird – but that is a fact of bird photography sometimes. I’m never afraid to show my ‘almost got him’ photos.

Although you may have to really look for it, I guarantee that there IS a Hummingbird in the first 9 photos. You can click on the photos to see a larger size.

I wandered around to take a few other photos just in case the Hummingbird was impossible to find.