A Quicker trip to Riding Mountain than planned

The trip started out nice & early as usual and I was in Portage la Prairie for the sunrise.

All was going fine until I slowed down for a town on the highway and the car started making an annoying noise. As I past the town and sped up again, the noise disappeared. Then I slowed down for Onanole and the noise started again. It kind of sounded like a fan blade, but I then thought about a muffler – since that is supposed to keep the noise muffled. I figured that wasn’t a bad problem and I continued into the park.

I always like to head for the Wishing Well and that is where I went. After taking some photos of the Loons, I then parked at the Wishing Well.

The flowers were still in bloom and looking great.

Of course there were a couple of birds in the gardens, and I had to take their photos also. There was also a Blue Jay, but he was too shy for a photo.

The Black Bear family posed nicely 🙂

I walked back to my car and that is when things got bad. Not only was the car still noisy – but now the engine light was on. I phoned Cindy at the Honeycomb Bed & Breakfast where I was booked and asked her where I could find a mechanic. She gave me two that I could check out. They were both booked up and could not take on the job, but the one in Erickson took a look under the hood and ran a test. The results weren’t good. He said I could try driving home and might make it, but there was a good chance I would end up stranded somewhere on the highway. He suggested calling CAA if I was a member.

I have been a member of CAA and I have used their services before – so I gave them a call. I had to upgrade my membership to Premier to cover a tow all the way back to Winnipeg, but it was arranged that I could call back tomorrow and my car would be safely towed back home for the experts (who know my car) can check it over. The tow truck driver also allowed me to sit in the cab with him for the drive. Due to COVID 19, the drivers have been given the option of allowing or denying passengers in their cabs. He was very efficient and had the car attached & ready to go quickly and he dropped me off at my apartment on the way to the dealership.

Now I have to wait to hear from my mechanics to find out what the problem is with my car and how much it is going to cost to keep it on the road.

Tomorrow, I’ll give you some of the details while I was at Honeycomb Bed & Breakfast in Onanole (just outside Riding Mountain National Park). These people went out of their way to help me.