English Garden/Leo Mol in Assiniboine Park

The last few weeks, people have been posting pictures in a Manitoba Bird page on FaceBook that I follow.  They indicate they are finding Indigo Buntings in the English Garden in Assiniboine Park.  I have never seen one of these birds and decided to head there with my camera and see if I could find one.

It turns out I did see one – but he was in flight and before I could even bring my camera up to take a picture, he disappeared into a huge and very bushy group of trees in the garden.  The bright blue of this bird is unmistakable.

The gardens themselves are beautiful, so I still managed several pictures to be able to show everyone – starting (of course) with our famous Boy with the Boot at the entrance.

DSCN0252 (800x600)DSCN0224 (800x600)

The flowers are gorgeous and if you want to see better views, please click on one and then you can scroll through them at a larger size.

I wandered into the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden as well, but instead of taking pictures of the sculptures, I just took some water lily pictures.

On the way back out through the English Garden, I took a couple more flower pictures.

DSCN0250 (800x535)DSCN0251 (800x600)

I will have to go back there again in the hopes of getting a picture of that Indigo Bunting and of course, the gardens are still maturing, so there will be more and/or different flowers to see as well.