A Morning Stroll at a very busy Fort Whyte Alive

I headed over to Fort Whyte Alive a little later than I usually go. Normally I am there at opening, but it was about an hour after than when I arrived. The parking lot was almost full, so I knew there would be a lot of people in there and I thought about turning around to go somewhere else, but decided to check it out anyway. Since I have a membership, it is no problem if I go in and then decide not to stay.

It turns out that a lot of the people there were doing an adult scavenger hunt, where they had to take photos that included someone in the group at particular spots. So, they had to find the spot and figure out what it was they were supposed to do. They were in groups of about 6 and seemed to be having lots of fun – but they weren’t too loud.

I probably took almost as many snow photos as I did birds – but even though I’m not happy with the snow – it does look pretty in the sunlight (especially since the sun is melting it).

It turned out to be a beautiful morning for a walk – although my feet were quite damp (along with my shoes) after walking through the slush and snow on the first part of the walk.