Looking for Pelicans

I don’t usually go out to walk trails on Saturday, since there are often too many people around to enjoy the walk and very difficult to socially distance – but this morning I thought I would head out to Lockport to see if any Pelicans would like to pose for photos. There were a few more cars parked there than there often is, but it wasn’t bad, so I wandered around and took photos. Main problem was that almost all the Pelicans except one were along the shore and quite a distance from the locks. Luckily the one who was there was very good about giving slightly different poses for me.

The photos are cropped by WordPress to fix the spaces – but you can see the entire photos, by clicking on it. From there you can see them all in full or just come back to here and see what is shown.

It was a beautiful day today and I am glad that I got out for the fresh air, the walk and the photos.