Fort Whyte Alive after a Fresh Snow

This morning I decided to head over to Fort Whyte Alive and so that is what I did and arrived a few minutes after they opened at 9:00 am. I stopped on the road as I was driving in to get a photo of some of the Canada Geese and Sea Gulls at the edge of some open water. It is lovely to see open water again. 🙂

The Parking lot was almost empty, so I knew there weren’t many people in for a walk this morning. It was still pretty chilly after our couple of days of snow and cold, so that didn’t surprise me too much. I wandered around and did not see anyone other than 2 of the volunteers who were there to make sure everyone was happy and doing ok. The sun was shining and there was basically no wind.

All the photos will show a larger shot if you click on them. They just have to be resized to fit the pages here.

Just a few Canada Geese.

When I talked to one of the volunteers while walking, I was given a general area to look for a Bald Eagle nest and since I have a good zoom on my camera, I might be able to see it. I followed the directions and although I didn’t see the Eagles or the nest, I took a couple of photos, and in the photos, I can see them. They are still at a great distance, but you should be able to see them in this photo too. Next time I will be able to zoom in more and get a better photo without having to crop as much.

This photo was cropped and re-sized quite a bit smaller.