From Cloudy & Smoky to Clear & Cool

The last week or so, it has been very smoky here. I know this is fairly normal, and even though this is my first year here, I know the dry season lasted later than usual. Because it is so dry, there have been fires in the forests and the smoke had blocked my view of the mountains from my apartment. Everything has just been grey – but yesterday it rained all day. It was a light, but soaking rain and this morning I was greeted with a blue sky and my beautiful mountain views.

A short time later and the sky is getting brighter – looks like a beautiful day.

Just a little sliver of a Moon
A Crow flying past
All these photos were taken from my balcony this morning – absolutely gorgeous!

The clouds took over again shortly after this beautiful sunrise, but we really need more rain, so I’ll accept this beautiful morning as a gift and will wait patiently for the next beautiful morning.