A Morning at Lockport

I decided to head north to Lockport to see if any Pelicans were still hanging out there. It was a beautiful morning and I enjoyed the drive. When I reached Lockport, I headed for the little park where I can usually get some decent photos, but the bridge construction has pretty much blocked off the… Continue reading A Morning at Lockport

Street Repair

Chester and I went a little later for our walk yesterday, so I could check on the street repair near our home.  Because I don’t really know what they are doing, I can’t say for sure, but it looks to be nearing completion to me. The road itself has been repaired and they have sloped… Continue reading Street Repair

Construction News

I am excited to report that the construction that causes my delay on the drive home from work appears to be over!  There is still one barricade, but otherwise all the equipment and workers were not there on last night’s drive.  🙂 The construction along the Red River closer to home on the riverbank is… Continue reading Construction News