Browne Creek Wetlands

When I was walking on the Vedder River Rotary Trail, I saw some signs about the Browne Creek Wetlands, so yesterday I decided to head back over there to see what I could find in the wetlands.

I turned right and followed the trail for just a couple of dozen steps where the rotary trail went left along the river and the wetlands trail went right. On the rotary trail, there is one little spot that looks out into the wetlands – but the wetlands trail had a lot more actual wetlands along it.

A Very Handsome Male Wood Duck in the water.

I thought these signs were adorable and would have loved to watch the children as they hopped or tiptoed to the next one.

A few more water photos and then back to the childrens’ activities. Actually, there may be some teens & adults who enjoy these too (like I did).

Before I knew it, I was back on the dyke and headed for my car (which was just around the bend up ahead). I found out on my way in, that I could have parked my car right on the dyke at the entrance. If I had done that though, I wouldn’t have seen the goats.

4 thoughts on “Browne Creek Wetlands

  1. Parked by the goats? Bravely done! They must be Canadian goats. The American goats are notorious car thieves!

    Wait. I’ve got that wrong. It’s the sheep!

    More terrific pictures on terrific trails! Thanks, and stay safe! Cheers, Stumblebum

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