Checking In at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve

For the last 3 weeks or so, I have been doing lots of walking, but since my little Toyota was on vacation in another city, my walks have been limited to places near my apartment. There isn’t much in the way of nature near my apartment, so I didn’t have anything to take photos of. But, my car returned home yesterday and even though it was a cloudy morning, I headed over to the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve for a walk in nature.

Luckily for me, some of the birds were more co-operative than this beautiful Wood Duck.

The water is not actually green – the green comes from the reflection of the trees around the ponds.

This female Wood Duck isn’t as colourful as the male, but she knew how to pose for photos.

The Tower consists of 3 levels, with 16 steps up to get to each level.

Two views from the top of the tower. The first one is a pond nearby and the 2nd is the path to the tower.

There were a LOT of birds flying over the Heron’s nest site. I believe this is a Turkey Vulture (but could be wrong). There were Hawks and Eagles as well.

Great Blue Heron heading towards the trees with nests and the same Heron perched on a nearby tree.

Common Merganser and a little Cottontail Bunny

These 4 Great Blue Heron photos are all the same bird who was nice enough to pose for a few photos. ๐Ÿ™‚

This little creek has always been dry whenever I’ve been there and I was surprised to see not only water, but a bright orange colour. It might just be orange leaves, but it seems strange because there are no leaves on the ground around it.

So many beautiful wildflowers wherever I looked today.

I then left the reserve to walk along the dyke outside the reserve. I’ll post more photos on that part of my walk soon.

4 thoughts on “Checking In at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve

  1. I am amazed as usual with your photos. I just walk around here. It is only about a block away where I can hop on the Red Bud Trail. I am still walking the CDT, for 450 more miles yet, and I only walk 4-6 miles a day, so I will be on it for several more months! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have trouble leaving comments on your blog. We will see it this works. Maybe that is why you haven’t commented on my blog, you can’t for some reason. Have a great week! (Foxy Grandma on Walking4Fun and Foxy Stamping on Blogger)

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