Ice on the Pond

I headed over to Sardis Park & Pond this morning. It is a beautiful sunny morning with the temperature right at 0C with a slight wind to make it feel a bit cooler than that. So far, I am really loving this winter.

The water looks to be a bit chilly this morning, but there are plenty of ducks swimming around. I did not see any Canada Geese so I don’t know if they have moved further south or are just out feeding.

Photos are cropped to fit, but you can see the full photo by clicking on it.

Ooops – someone slid off the path. I saw 2 people arriving in another vehicle, so hopefully they got it moved safely off the path.

I haven’t seen the Hummingbird yet today, but hopefully he will be back soon. He still has the 2 feeders on the balcony next door.

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