Chem Lake Wetlands Walk

It was a beautiful morning today, so I thought a return visit to the Chem Lake Wetlands would be a good way to spend some time. I thought about taking my pair of shoes that has spikes in case it was slippery there, but instead decided that since the ice & snow are disappearing quickly, I wouldn’t need them. It turned out that I should have brought them. I didn’t slip or fall, but they would have been handy in spots. I certainly had to look before putting my foot down each step. In Winnipeg, I always left the shoes with spikes in my car so maybe I’ll put them in there before my next walk. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

The first couple of shots were taken from the overlook

The above photo looks like a black & white photo, but this is how the trees on the mountain looked. I’m not sure if it is frost on the trees or if it snowed up on the mountain.

The next photos have much more colour.

Ice completely covers all the water, but I have no idea if it is strong enough to hold up a person (or critter). There is a warning sign, but I didn’t test it.

I can’t get enough of the beauty whenever mountains are nearby. Add the fall colours to the photos and it is just amazing.

Do you see the nest in one of the trees?

The clouds are covering almost all of the mountains from this view. The sun is fighting to come out though.

The grass is still green where it has worked itself out from under the snow.

This Sparrow (I think it is a Lincoln’s Sparrow, but not sure). He was the only bird cooperative enough to pose for a photo. He was one of the very few birds I even saw out there today.

There weren’t many people out there today, but I did talk to a lady for awhile as we admired the views.