Fairfield Island

My friend Karen – who used to live in Chilliwack gave me directions to Fairfield Island for a place to walk. So, today the sun was shining and I decided it would be a good day to check it out. To get there I had to drive on a road over the Hope River Bridge and then turn to follow the Fraser River to the parking lot.

Just as I was on the way, I noticed 2 gorgeous Bald Eagles up in a couple of trees. The best place to stop was at the Minter Country Garden Centre, where I snapped a few photos of one of them. The other must have flown away before I had my car parked.

I then continued on to the park. This is a very interesting park, with trails for walking, bicycle jumping trails (not sure what they call it) and equestrian events. There might be more they do out there, but those are the activities I could see.

This is where they have the bicycle jumping spots. You can see 4 side by side jumps with different heights. This would be for practice, training and maybe competitions for different age groups and experience.

Behind that is a trail to and along the Fraser River.

This dog was on the other side of the river with his family. I couldn’t resist taking his photo when he stopped & posed

so nicely for me. Of course, he had no idea he was posing for me. 🙂

The horse corals and a flock of Canada Geese

On the way back home I stopped at Minter Country Garden Centre again, but this time went inside. Of course, I had to buy something, so I came home with a Hyacinth.

2 thoughts on “Fairfield Island

  1. Egad! No wonder you rack up so many walking miles. So much to see! Here’s a stupid question Americans never get tired of asking (thought they should): In Canada, aren’t Canada Geese just … geese? Stay well out there! Cheers, SB

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  2. Thanks Tim – hope you stay well also. We have many geese, plus Canada Geese up north here, so I try to give the names for all the ones I see. Lots of ducks too. 🙂


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