Anna’s Hummingbirds

I mentioned in a previous blog that Anna’s Hummingbirds can stay here over the winter. I knew the winters were much milder in B.C. than they are in Winnipeg (often called Winterpeg), but I did not realize that even in freezing weather, these little birds do stay. Of course, freezing weather here is just under 0C and not in the -40’s C as they reach in Winnipeg. Anyway – I have been seeing humingbirds much more often than I can photograph them. They are very quick and disappear if they notice movement (such as me going to grab my camera). Apparently they are not as easily disturbed in the summer months and will fly inches from people on their way to the feeder.

Here are the best photos I have managed to get.

The First 3 photos are all of a male and I am guessing that it is the same bird each time. Different lighting gives slightly different colours, but the male’s head in sunlight is all red – top, back of head and under the chin.

The male Hummingbird often perches on the top of a pine branch in front of my next door neighbour’s balcony. They have a couple of feeders out for them all year round. I will have mine out all year round as well.

I believe the last one is either a female or a young adult male due to the lack of the dark colours. Females do have a little red under the chin and in the sunlight, this one’s chin would be red. I am hoping that I will soon get photos of these birds in the sunshine, so the colours will show.

I found a site that gives more information on these hardy (but very tiny) birds and how they survive the winters in Canada.

You can find it at <>

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  1. Beautiful photos! Our grandson got a gorgeous photo of a hummingbird when we were in Colorado one year. They are such wonderful birds! Thanks for sharing.

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