Winnipeg to Vancouver – Days 3 & 4

Day 3 is a drive from the Honeycomb Bed & Breakfast, just outside Riding Mountain National Park and going to Calgary. Google Maps says it is 1,123 km which would take me right to my sister’s home in Calgary.

It was still dark when I packed the car up to head out, and the beautiful sky with tons of stars and a partial moon showing had me stopping to take photos. The only photo that turned out ok was the moon – but it would have been nice to show all the stars around it too.

The drive was uneventful, although the first hour or so was in darkness and I managed to miss one of the turns that my GPS told me to take. There were no lights at the intersection and I couldn’t see where to turn. The GPS re-adjusted and we continued on.

Everything else went smoothly on the drive and I arrived at my sister Sharon’s place in good time. Soon after, her daughter Heather and Heather’s daughter Sydney arrived with pizzas and we had a great time eating and talking.

The next morning (Day 4) I was up early again for another long drive, but at least this time I have city lights for awhile before getting onto the highways. Sharon and I talked for awhile and then I started out.

This drive would be 958 km and was a beautiful drive through the mountains, with lots of up & down & around. It was mostly cloudy and I passed through a few spots of rain. There were several stops or slow downs for construction along the way – but the scenery is amazing (even with the cloud cover).

I stopped a couple of times to take photos, but there were many more views I would have liked to take photos.

I arrived in good time and was nicely settled into my suite at Poco Inn & Suites and then my daughter Angie arrived. We went out for dinner (steak) and then a movie – The Lion King.

I had a good sleep, so I’m ready for the next adventure. Here is the view from my window. Train tracks with lots of trains and the bridge that goes over the tracks. Amazingly enough it is not too noisy though.

Just for something different, I decided to bring some of my houseplants along with me for the ride. The plants that could go 2 weeks without watering, stayed at home, but the smaller, more needier plants came with me. They stayed in the car at Riding Mountain and Calgary, but with 4 nights at Port Coquitlam, I brought them into the hotel.

They seem to be enjoying themselves. 🙂

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