Honeycomb Bed & Breakfast 2022

The Honeycomb Bed & Breakfast has been where I stay almost every time I have gone to Riding Mountain National Park. Cindy and Anne are always friendly & welcoming and the building itself is extremely well looked after. I am often there when it is quiet because I enjoy staying there when the park is very quiet.

I found out that my little Toyota Yaris is not very comfortable if I spend a lot of time driving, so instead of driving on my last afternoon there, I decided to hang around and take photos of the Orioles and Hummingbirds.

I did go back out driving for a little while, but my back just wasn’t up to it and I knew I had a 3 hour drive ahead of me in the morning. So, I just took it easy for the evening.

In the morning, I took sunrise photos .

I decided to head back into the park but knew I would be headed back home again after a quick visit. I went to the Wishing Well, but could not find any suckers in the morning. The sun hadn’t reached the water there yet so they may have been in hiding. I just took a couple of photos of the tree reflections in the very still water and a Mallard Duck in the colourful morning sunlight.

The highway enters from the middle left and goes through the trees.

Before I knew it, I was heading back to Winnipeg.

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