Another visit with Buddy & Coconut

Buddy & Coconut’s family went away for a couple of days, so I got to spend time with the little guys again.¬† Guess who took pictures. ūüôā The boys and I took a couple of walks each day.¬† The walks are much shorter and much slower than my walks with Toby – but the walks… Continue reading Another visit with Buddy & Coconut

Dog/House Sitting – Buddy & Coconut

I’ve found that looking after someone’s dog(s), so the owners can get away is great for me.¬† I get to spend time with the dog(s) with lots of kisses and a cuddly critter to sleep with – without having any expenses for food or veterinarian¬† services.¬† The bonus is that people will pay me to… Continue reading Dog/House Sitting – Buddy & Coconut