Winnipeg to Vancouver – Day 7, Part 2

We still had the afternoon left after finishing the Capilano Swinging Bridge walk, and Angie mentioned that there is an indoor conservatory combined with an aviary that she though we should take a look at.

Birds and plants are high on my list of favourite things – so of course I agreed to this suggestion and we were on our way. It is located in Queen Elizabeth Park and it didn’t take long until we were there and walking around this beautiful exhibit.

Starting with some views from outside.

Then we headed inside. Such a lot and a variety of very healthy and happy birds.

I didn’t get photos of a lot of the birds that flew past or refused to pose for photos, but I knew what most of them were as soon as I saw them.

Then I took more photos around the outside.

Angie and I were both looking at all the beautiful plants also, but I didn’t take any pictures of them.

We walked around twice and then decided to go to a plant store. We each bought one plant to add to our collections.

Here is my new plant and he fits in nicely with the rest of the ones I brought along with me on this vacation. 🙂

I just realized that I probably didn’t mention that I took some of my plants with me – LOL. The larger plants and the ones who like to go dry between watering all stayed home because they would be fine. I just took the smaller and more needy ones with me and they seem to be enjoying the ride. If it was warm enough at night, they stayed outside in the car and otherwise, I brought them inside for the night.