Keeping Safe

Covid-19 is not the first pandemic that has threatened this world – but it is the current one. There was no internet for the other big ones though, and this has been a method of spreading the information (both true and untrue information) quickly for this pandemic. So – how are you doing? I have… Continue reading Keeping Safe

I Went Birding

Birds are fascinating.  I look at them and try to take pictures of them all the time – but ask me what I saw, I am am often not quite sure.  I usually know what type of bird it was, but trying to narrow down to the particular bird is very hard to do. I… Continue reading I Went Birding

It Has Been 4 Years

It has been 4 years this August since my trip to Kruger National Park and Sabi Sands in South Africa and it is time to go again. We can partially blame my addiction to Africam for my desire to be in South Africa – but once you’ve been there, you just have to go back. … Continue reading It Has Been 4 Years


Actually – not much is happening around here.  My car is in for service for a couple of recalls and some regular maintenance.  Hopefully it will be ready soon and I can get out and run some errands. I still don’t seem to have this retirement going the way I expected it to be.  I… Continue reading Happenings

Cheetah Cam at Africam

You may have heard this somewhere before, but I am slightly addicted to Africam.  The newest cam is Cheetah Cam and it is set up at Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) near Hoedspruit, South Africa.  This is one of the places I went to while in South Africa in August, 2012. The camera was set… Continue reading Cheetah Cam at Africam

Africam – Jon Oliver

Anyone who has been reading my blog for even a short time is aware of my addiction for Africam as well any and all critters (wild or pets).  If you follow Africam yourself as well, you will probably have already heard of Jon Oliver’s death earlier this week. Today Africam released their remembrance of Jon.… Continue reading Africam – Jon Oliver

Happy Birthday Chester

Today is (or might be) Chester’s 9th birthday.  The last year has been a lot of ups and downs once he started having seizures in July, but through it all, he has remained happy. The reason I said it might be his birthday is that we don’t know for sure.  Chester was turned into a… Continue reading Happy Birthday Chester

I’m Still Here

Back to the present life again for a few minutes  🙂 We are still in the midst of the warmest winter that I can remember.  Usually the warm winters we have had, came with a lot of snow and so far we are getting very little snow.  I know that can all change very quickly… Continue reading I’m Still Here

South Africa

Don’t worry – you’re hardly going to hear much from me about my upcoming trip to South Africa.  I’m sure that in the next few months leading up to the trip, I will hardly mention it – other than maybe a few hundred times.  🙂 Anyway, the least favourite part of the trip with be… Continue reading South Africa