June 8 – Berg en Dal

It was another foggy morning today, but it soon cleared as the sun came up. It had obviously been clear last night with this beautiful moon showing itself above my bungalow. With this being my last full day in Kruger, I was having a hard time trying to decide which way to go. I had… Continue reading June 8 – Berg en Dal

Some Progress & Some Trip Planning

It seems like I have been waiting forever to receive the proceeds from the sale of my house.  Well – I’m still waiting, but the mortgage, line of credit and personal loan have all been paid off!  🙂  They were all paid by my lawyer a few days ago though, and I am still waiting… Continue reading Some Progress & Some Trip Planning

Gertjie (Little G) the Baby Rhino

On May 8th, 2014  the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre – which is located just outside Hoedspruit in South Africa – took in a baby Rhino after his mother had been killed by poachers.  This 3 month old baby is lucky to have ended up at HESC where he will be cared for by the experts… Continue reading Gertjie (Little G) the Baby Rhino

Sleeping Tiger

I’m not having much luck in finding the tigers awake at the Assiniboine Park zoo.  Last time I went, they were just babies and sound asleep and now that they are much bigger, they were still sound asleep when I was there.  Only one was in a position where I could get a picture. Mom… Continue reading Sleeping Tiger


I realize my Africam addiction keeps showing up here and I apologize if for some reason, you are not interested in Africa or cameras in the African bush. There are just so many exciting happenings that I really have to talk about it sometimes. They have the regular cameras that operate all year long (Nkorho,… Continue reading Africam


It was 17C when Chester and I walked along the Red River this morning.  It had been raining overnight and it was like a heavy mist was still around.  It is supposed to get up to 28C by afternoon, but the next several days are in the low 20’s range.  Tomorrow is September!  Where did… Continue reading Chester

Weekend Thoughts

The temperature was -1C when I got up this morning and it has dropped to -3C by 8:30 am.  It will be dropping more by evening and then it looks like we head back into the deep freeze again.  It was nice while it lasted and we got rid of quite a bit of snow.… Continue reading Weekend Thoughts