A Few Ducks and a Bit More

Taking advantage of this beautiful weather, I headed over to the Great Blue Heron Reserve for a walk yesterday. There are still plenty of ducks and geese around.

I wasn’t aware that they had bird feeders out for the smaller birds, but now I know about this photo opportunity. I didn’t go to the bird feeders until I was almost ready to leave, so I only spent a few minutes there.

First I walked almost all the trails and since many of the trails go around portions of the water, I managed several duck and goose photos. I also managed to get a decent Black Capped Chickadee photo. If you have been following me for awhile, I’m sure you know how much I love the beautiful & friendly little Chickadees.

At least some of these are American Wigeon, but not sure what the others are.
Ducks, ducks everywhere!

Today is looking like another beautiful day, but I have things I have to get done at home. Hopefully I’ll get out for a nice walk at some time today though.

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  1. I have been having trouble commenting on your blog, but still visiting. Always great photos. You can visit me if you want at my blog, Foxy Stamping and say hi. I don’t take as good photos, or post as often, and mine is a craft blog. But you could stop by. 🙂

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