Assiniboine Park Zoo in the Winter

There is a lot of good views of the critters in the Assiniboine Park Zoo in the winter. Most of the animals live in the climate that we have here and get much more active in the winter than in the summer, when they would rather find a shady place to sleep. I went there… Continue reading Assiniboine Park Zoo in the Winter

Welcome Back Winter (NOT)

Most of us were enjoying our early spring as the snow was very slowly melting and disappearing from the roads and being splashed onto our cars.  Yes, it was messy, but essential to getting rid of the snow and starting to see the ground again. But – Mother Nature had other plans and arranged for… Continue reading Welcome Back Winter (NOT)

Cleaning Up After the Storm

The winter storm lasted 2 – 2.5 days, but has now stopped and the temperature is dropping quickly.  Parts of the province had more of a blizzard, but in Winnipeg, it was just classified as a winter storm. I looked up the definition of blizzard and the #1 American condition is “A blizzard is a… Continue reading Cleaning Up After the Storm


I eat breakfast every day, but Saturday it is eaten at the Red Top Restaurant.  They open at 8:00 am and I am usually seated at my reserved spot by 7:55 am.  🙂 I usually go with my friend Connie, but she had both her knees replaced a couple of weeks ago and has not… Continue reading Breakfast


I don’t know if they are officially calling it a blizzard or not, but I would just consider it a winter storm myself.  We had high winds and some snow (don’t know how much) with drifting and the temperatures took a sudden drop, but didn’t get enough snow for the blizzard look. I certainly have… Continue reading Blizzard?