Bunn’s Creek and Sturgeon Creek Walks

I thought that when I actually got a photo of one of the Cardinals that live around and near Bunn’s Creek, I would be satisfied – but I would really like better photos. So, I headed back there again a few days ago for another try.

My first sighting that morning was upsetting. I found a house cat hunting along the creek. I love cats, but they are much safer if they live inside the house. Our beautiful wild birds are also much safer if house cats are not roaming and hunting. It is their instinct to hunt. Most wild birds are killed by people caused problems (cats, windows, cars, pesticides & more). Ducks and Geese are some of the birds whose populations are stable and that is because the hunters make sure these birds have good habitats to reproduce so they won’t run out of birds to hunt. My city has a by-law prohibiting free-roaming cats but in some areas, there are still plenty to be found. This is the first time I’ve seen a cat here though.

Anyway, I talked to the cat and took his photo and that distracted him from hunting for the moment. He came up to me and I pet him and then he wandered off.

I didn’t stay at Bunn’s Creek long that day and soon was on my way towards home. There is a creek fairly close to where I live and I often think of stopping there when I am heading somewhere else. This turned out to be the day.

There is an old mill right near the start of the walk – Grant’s Old Mill

The trail goes under all the roads that the creek passes under. There is very little shade along the way, so it might not be too comfortable to walk it on a hot summer day, but it was a great day for my walk.

This trail is 3.8 km long ( about 7.5 km there & back according to google maps) – or 6.1 km (there & back – according to All-Trails) so I don’t know how far I walked. I should have kept note of the starting & ending steps on my FitBit (but I never do that). According to FitBit, I walked 9.1 miles or 14.6 km that day (which included both Bunn’s Creek and Sturgeon Creek, as well as any other walking I did.

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  1. One is never satisfied with just 1 experience with the cardinals. i go to the park 4-7 times a week and always want to find and photograph them!! I maybe find them once every 2 weeks or so…more so in spring when they are doing a lot of singing.

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