Hanging out with Maximus and Finnegan

You may remember Finnegan from last year when I looked after her and her older sister Neko. Neko has since passed and Finnegan is the only cat in the house now, but she has always been best friends with her large dog friend Maximus who was at doggie day care last time. This time he hung out at home with Finnegan and I. These 2 are so sweet together and Finnegan loves to help groom Maximus, who doesn’t seem to mind a bit.

Lets take a look at some of the photos I took.

Some birds managed to get into part of my day, when I was told about some that roosted in a nearby tree and were killing birds at neighbourhood feeders. So, I watched the tree and got some photos, and was able to identify them by posting on the Facebook group Manitoba Birds, Birding and Photography. So – these are Merlins. There are 4 of them, but I only managed to get a photo of 3 of them. I did see the 4th one when I didn’t have my camera with me.

Maximus is used to a normal routine, which includes a run at an off-leash dog park. I don’t like taking a dog to an unfenced dog park (as most of them are here) when I don’t know if he will respond when I call him. He responds just fine at home and he responds to his owner, but when racing around in a dog park, I can’t be sure he will respond to me. Although I don’t know which park they usually go to, I do know that most of the ones I used to go to with my dogs are right on a major thoroughfare with speeds of at least 80km/hr. If I stay with Maximus again, I will make arrangements to meet him and his owner at the park so I know more about it and about how he responds when running.

His owner arranged to have a fellow dog walker pick him up in the morning and take him along with his own dog for a run. The only problem was that a thunder storm came up soon after they arrived at the dog park. They were all soaked and Maximus was returned home early. After it cleared up, I took him for a walk around the neighbourhood and he seemed satisfied with that. After couple of leg lifts Maximus was a happy dog. It had also been arranged for a neighbour to take him for longer walks in the evening so he got his exercise.

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