Return to the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve

The first 2 times I went to the Heron Nature Reserve, I saw one Great Blue Heron – and both times it was at the same spot (give or take a couple of meters). So, I headed there yesterday morning to see if I could find it again. It was drizzling a bit, but but the sun was shining and the drizzle was not enough to get things very wet. the Heron spends most of the time in the water anyway, so rain wouldn’t bother it at all.

I actually did find the Heron very close to the same place I found it the last 2 visits. I took a few photos from the bridge where I got a photo last time and then I walked over to that area, where it posed for a few more shots.

I have no way of knowing if this is the same Heron or if there are more around, and just take turns posing for photos.

Before walking over to get a closer look at the Heron, I noticed a dove on a line above the bridge. I wasn’t sure what kind it was, but my phone app identified it as a Eurasian Collared Dove.

I took this photo almost into the sun, so it doesn’t show the true colours, but you can see the collar and the spots on the wing.

I also saw this bug/spider walking on the water and thought it deserved a spot in the blog too.

Next sighting was the work of a busy beaver. I didn’t see the beaver, but he left his trademark (teeth marks on the tree).

I was much closer to the Heron for these photos, but of course there are twigs & branches in the views.

I then tried a different path from my other walks and found a lookout tower – so I climbed up to take a look at the lookout.

It was good exercise to climb up – and a decent view from the top.
View from the top – sure looks nice & green.

Then I told my car to take me home and that is where I went. 🙂