Short Walk after Temperature Drop

Yesterday we had a mild December temperature of -4C and this morning it was -25C when I went out to get some groceries. I hadn’t checked the temperature before leaving my apartment, so just had my fleece on as my jacket. I had to scrape ice and snow off the car – but got my shopping finished nice & early to avoid crowds.

After I put the groceries away, I decided to head for Assiniboine Park for a little walk. It turned out to be a very little walk because I still didn’t put my winter jacket on. I’ll get the jacket out tomorrow – for sure!

My only walk was a short one in the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden and I decided to focus on some bear sculptures.

The bears all seem to be fighting in the snow. The fresh snow fell yesterday and the temperature dropped over night. I think winter is here.

There were other people walking – mostly walking dogs, so I stopped to pet one very friendly Bearded Collie who wanted to say hi. His people were quite friendly too. 🙂

I took one more photo as I was leaving the park. This might be one of the same White-tailed Deer that I got photos of a few days ago. Her two young ones from the spring were close by today also.

When it is cold here, the sun is usually shining – so it looks beautiful. I think I’ll stay inside for the rest of the day though. I might venture out again tomorrow. Although it is only -21C now, maybe by afternoon it will be even warmer.