A Slippery Walk

I knew it was going to be slippery when I opened the door to go outside and saw frozen drops of rain on the stair railings. I went anyway, but didn’t end up walking enough to even look at what my FitBit said today.

First photos are the intricate designs on my car’s windshield (windscreen) and hood.

The plan was to walk Assiniboine Forest in the morning, so that is where I headed. There was lots of room in the parking lot, but the lot and the trails were ice. I walked to the path and tried, but decided it was better to come again another day. I used to have cleats on a pair of my shoes that I used when walking the dogs in the winter, but I don’t have any now and it would have been a very slow walk on the icy paths, so I went back to the car.

I thought Assiniboine Park might be in better condition and it was, although I still had to watch my step.

I was happy to see White-tailed Deer who were quite content to pose for photos as they rested.

I then continued on my walk.

As I said, it was a very short walk and I soon came back to where I saw the Deer – so I took a few more photos of them. They are so gorgeous!